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ML Will all-ways be hiring, the team-set involved in design can never a limit - Apply now, if it's your thing

We've all-ways loved to see people coming-together to make content for the public, a Game Design team is a very special form of people. Sets of Artists, Directors, Writers, Music Composers come to work on one project that ties-in tastes from multiple people, creating forms of art.
You, no-matter what your skill, could be involved with that, to a huge extent - Great Voice? Game Industry, Great Drawer? Game Industry, Great ideas? Game Industry. Come-on and work for ML, a tight team of skilled, tasteful designers that are serious about creation. have-a-look today!


Boicy Casphere

Maker's Lair will never stop looking for more people to employ, that's what makes a team, to thrive in an environment like such.

If you have talent or a skill in any form of design, creation or acting, you should seriously consider applying for a position at Maker's Lair! - Ranging from Music Director to Directing Manager, we have a built-up system for you to come and work in. Maker's Lair also hires those who are beginning, or attempting to get-into the business.
No-matter if you have no formal qualifications; as we take all on-board if they are equipped with the knowledge needed.

Still not sure? Ask people that have worked at ML:


We hope the above really helps you understand how-much we're some clever bastards. - Seriously, though; you should all-ways work in an environment that makes you happy, and our employees agree and run with that.
who-ever you are; a position can be vacant - Game design is a form that allows all applicants.


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